R&D Injection Molding


R&D Products, Inc was formed in 1976 to manufacture their own patented injection molded office products.  R&D Molding division was originally created over 28 years ago in response to the need for a local and reliable injection molding resource that would consistently produce products to the high quality standards they require.

Over the years, R&D Molding’s experience was broadened to include injection molding for other companies also wanting their products made in America. Ever since, we have partnered with our customers to produce their products with excellence and responsiveness to the values and goals unique to each company.  Quality products are a result of caring. We serve a diverse and select range of customers in the medical, agriculture, music, construction and safety industries.

R&D Injection Molding partners with customers from product design, prototype production, mold specification and design through production of both short and long runs. The advantageous knowledge provided as injection molders during prototyping a product is critical to achieving the most effective design before having a mold made.  R&D Molding further expanded its expertise and support to include CAD design, prototyping and when needed, patent drawings.

We have also worked with our suppliers to create unique blends of plastics to meet the specialized requirements of our customers products. 

Please contact us if you would like a quote, or if you would like to discuss how we may assist you with your injection molding needs.